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Accelerating Success in Airfreight: Global Air Cargo Alliance Network

The skies are a busy place, with upwards of 7000-9000 commercial planes in the air globally at any given time. As a Airfreight Industry forwarding company, you must form the right relationships with air cargo liners and partners to ensure your shipments arrive safely and on time. 

Membership in the Global Air Cargo Alliance is a great first step towards forming the right relationships for business success in this busy industry. 

What is the Global Air Cargo Alliance

The Global Air Cargo Alliance is an exclusive network of active airfreight forwarders and the first to profile companies with air-to-air transshipment capabilities worldwide to allow members to create new routes.

This networking group provides business resources, networking events, and other support to help you grow your air cargo business globally.

Who is the Global Air Cargo Alliance for?

This network has members who are in the following niches:

  • Airfreight forwarders
  • Airfreight professionals
  • Direct Airfreight Consolidators (retail) 

This network niche is very specific, so members can form the direct relationships they need with shipping partners and professionals. Today, there are over 160 members in 60+ countries. 

What are the benefits of joining a Airfreight forwarding network?

There are numerous benefits of joining such a niche business networking group like Global Air Cargo Alliance, including:

  • Market reach support: Meet trusted members in the airfreight industry from across the globe to expand your network of trusted business partners. 
  • Cost optimization: As a member, you get access to membership benefits, including more competitive pricing. 
  • Niche networking: Meet and form relationships with other companies who understand the unique challenges of air cargo freight forwarding. 
  • Mitigate risks: You can create multiple-airpath logistics to mitigate shipping delays. 
  • Technology access: Access the network’s airfreight software and systems to track inventory and get the necessary data to optimize your operations further. 
  • A competitive advantage: As a network member, you’re backed by the whole network, which has numerous benefits compared to operating as a smaller, individual player in the market. 

Why join the Global Air Cargo Alliance?

While networking is a huge benefit of joining a business networking group, joining the Global Air Cargo Alliance awards you many additional benefits: 

  • Be included in a global agency list: Your company name will be featured publicly in our member database, which adds credibility to your brand and can increase your global reach. 
  • Get immediate global coverage: Meet over 160 member companies worldwide and instantly add them to your network of contacts. 
  • Focused networking: When attending network events, you network with only reliable, trusted, and screened members. All Global Air Cargo alliance members are thoroughly screened to ensure their legitimacy. They must continually follow the networks’ standard Code of Ethics and Guidelines. 
  • Peace of mind payment security: Get paid on time with the GLOBAL-Safe program. Get up to US $5,000 in immediate payment security, with up to $10,000 after three years in the network and $20,000 after five years.  
  • Attend global networking events in person: Annually build trust with alliance members through various in-person and virtual events.  
  • Access to members-only resource centre: You’ll have unlimited access to our private resource library of air cargo news and resources to help you grow and scale your business. 

Global Air Cargo Alliance FAQs

How many members do you accept?

To help protect against market oversaturation, we only accept a limited number of members (usually 5-10) per territory based on the geographical or economic size of the region. 

Can I belong to other business networking groups?

You can join other business associations and networking groups that benefit your business or personal growth goals.  

Are there in-person annual conferences or events?

Yes. The network hosts several in-person events, including an annual conference. This 2024 event occurs in March 2024 at the Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort in Thailand

Can my brand new business join?

Before applying for membership, we ask that member companies have been in operation for at least three years prior with at least five active air freight accounts.  

How to join the Global Air Cargo Alliance

Are you interested in joining the Global Air Cargo Alliance? You can submit your application online anytime. 

For transparency, here are your membership fees (in USD): 

  • Country Station Fee: $1,950 Per HQ (Annual)
  • Branch Fee: $900 Per Branch (Annual)
  • Security Fee: $500 Per Legal Entity (Annual)
  • Bank Charge: $25 Per Transaction
  • One-Time Application Fee: $200

We’re always looking to welcome new members to the Global Air Cargo Alliance network. You too can reap the rewards of our network, enjoy global branding opportunities and international expo exposure, gain invaluable partnerships with airfreight industry giants, get payment security, and much more.

Join the Global Air Cargo Alliance today. 

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