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Connecting Pharma Logistics Experts Worldwide: The Impact of Life Logistics Network

United in their mission to support the shipping and logistics of pharma goods globally, the Life Logistics Network helps facilitate safe and timely shipments. It was established to support carefully selected first-class pharmaceutical forwarders.

Keep reading to learn how this network supports its members and pharma goods logistics globally. 

What is the Life Logistics Network?

Life Logistics Network is composed of top-class pharmaceutical forwarders around the world. They carefully select and unify pharma forwarders under one solid network. This network supports the specific and unique needs of this industry. It also supports partnerships with trusted hands from end-to-end. 

Members companies of this network get access to a wide range of resources and support to help maintain and grow their global pharmaceutical freight forwarding business, including business resources, networking opportunities, and promotional opportunities. 

Who is the Network for?

This specialized network is for highly qualified, reliable, and efficient logistics companies in the pharma-logistics community worldwide. Member companies get the support they need to scale or expand their operations with trusted partners and networking connections.  

Due to the unique needs of the pharmaceutical freight forwarding industry, member organizations must meet a strict set of qualifications before applying for membership: 

  • Be BPL Classified
  • GMP Certified 
  • Proof of Handling at least five active pharma accounts
  • Be capable of providing cold chain logistics
  • Have a sufficient stock of cool boxes and perform well temperature monitoring

Members must also demonstrate a commitment to supporting the group through their business. The network is currently accepting new members, but screening also helps control the volume per territory. 

What are the benefits of joining a pharma-logistics network?

You can get the support you need to expand your current pharma logistics and freight forwarding company through professional memberships like freight forwarding business networking. Member companies grow together and reach success in the global pharmaceutical logistics industry. 

Joining the Life Logistics Network grants you access to a host of benefits: 

  • Expand your trusted connections globally:  Members are from all over the world, and as you network and get to know them, you’ll find business partners and champions who are invested in your mutual successes. 
  • Trusted, screened membership: Before joining this network, every member undergoes a thorough vetting process and background check to ensure they are of a high standard. Once approved, all members are expected to uphold their standard code of ethics.  
  • Security: Every network member is vetted to ensure honesty and trustworthiness. Members are insured against bad debts so that you can be assured of quality partnerships within the membership. 
  • Global branding and awareness: As a member, your logo and business information will be shared with member organizations globally, increasing your potential reach. You’ll also have access to our members-only list. 


How many members do you accept?

There is no limit to how many member companies this network accepts. They only limit the number of related businesses per territory. 

Can I belong to other business networking groups?

Yes. This is not an exclusive networking group; you are welcome to hold active memberships in other business networking groups and professional associations. 

Are there in-person annual conferences or events?

Yes. The network hosts several virtual and in-person events annually, including its annual in-person conference. The 2024 event will occur in May 2024 in Thailand. This event is co-hosted with the Cold Chain Connect, Global Air Cargo Forwarders Alliance, and the AirCargoGroup. 

Can my brand new business join?

Probably not. This network requires that you meet the qualifications, including showing proof of certifications and capabilities and having at least five active pharma accounts, something most new businesses still need to achieve. If you meet the requirements, we welcome your application. 

How to join the Life Logistics Network

Does the Life Logistics Network sound like a good fit for your company and business goals? You can submit your application online anytime if you meet the member criteria. 

For transparency, here are your membership fees (in USD): 

  • Country Station Fee: $2,500 Per HQ (Annual)
  • Security Fee: $500 Per Legal Entity (Annual)
  • Bank Charge: $25 Per Transaction

Are you committed to growing your pharma-logistics freight forwarding business while supporting others in the logistics ecosystem? Then, you’re one step closer to joining the Life Logistics Network. Members can access quality support, resources, and connections to realize their business goals.

Learn more about the network and submit your membership application today. 

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