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Discover the Benefits of Joining Cold Chain Connect for Perishable and Food Logistics

When transporting precious cargo such as foods and perishables, timing is critical to ensure the goods arrive safe and unspoiled. That’s why the Cold Chain Connect network of perishable cargo companies exists: to facilitate a smooth global logistics network for food and perishables.  

In this article, we’ll explore more about this network to help you decide if it’s the professional network that can help you with your professional development and company success.

What is the Cold Chain Connect Network?

Cold Chain Connect is the world’s first and largest network of perishable freight forwarding companies. They’ve created a platform where members can meet to exchange business and stay updated on the latest news and happenings in this important niche shipping market. 

The network recognizes the special experience freight forwarders of perishables and food require for success. This network aims to connect members with reliable cold chain experts from around the globe to create a worldwide logistics network. They aim to transform the global perishables logistics industry. 

Members of this niche network get access to personal development and professional support to help them optimize day-to-day operations and scale their businesses. 

Who is the Network for?

This niche network is for highly qualified, reliable, and efficient logistics companies focusing on food and perishables. Member organizations get support to scale or expand their operations with trusted partners and networking connections.  

The network is for those with the know-how and expertise in moving perishable cargo. It’s also for those looking to work with partners with a proven track record in this niche. 

Freight forwarding companies who want to join must demonstrate a commitment to supporting others and their own professional development. The network currently accepts new members but screens new members to ensure quality and that individual territories are not over-saturated within the network. 

What are the benefits of joining a perishables freight forwarding network?

Joining Cold Chain Connect is similar to joining a general networking group or association, except this network only accepts members from within the perishable freight forwarding network. This means you’re networking with members who understand the unique demands of this industry. 

Membership has great benefits to help you expand your network into new territories and niches. Member companies grow together and succeed in the global food and perishables logistics industry. 

Joining Cold Chain Connect Network grants you access to a host of benefits: 

  • Access immediate global network coverage:  Network with reputable members from worldwide. As you get to know them personally and professionally, you’ll discover business partners and champions for potential business collaborations and partnerships. 
  • Trusted, semi-exclusive membership: All members of Cold Chain Connect undergo a thorough vetting process and background check to ensure they meet the quality and professionalism standards demanded by the network. The network also limits the number of members from particular regions or territories to prevent oversaturating the market and to create a fair business environment. 
  • Security: Every network member is vetted to ensure honesty and trustworthiness. The “Cold Chain-Safe” program is a safety net for our members. This security fund pays any outstanding dues in the unlikely event of a bad debt or bankruptcy of a member.
  • Meet others at in-person events:  As a member, you’re invited to the network’s annual conferences to meet your colleagues face-to-face for networking and seminars. 


How many members do you accept?

The network currently has over 80 members and doesn’t limit how many members can join as long as they meet the requirements. The only limits are geographical to ensure equal opportunities for all businesses without oversaturation and over-competition in a region. 

Can I belong to other business networking groups?

Yes. Cold Chain Connect is specifically for food and perishables freight forwarding companies. You can join other professional associations and networking groups that will add value to your personal professional development or have benefits for B2B networking. 

Are there in-person annual conferences or events?

Yes. As a networking group, Cold Chain Connect hosts several virtual and in-person events annually, including its annual in-person conference. The 2024 event will occur in May 2024 in Vietnam

Can my brand new business join?

Likely not. To ensure the members get the most value from Cold Chain Connect membership, we ask that members prove their professionalism and reliability. Most new businesses don’t meet these requirements, so we ask that they wait before applying. 

Joining the Cold Chain Connect business network

Is the Cold Chain Connect a good fit for your food and perishables company? You can submit your application online anytime if you meet the member criteria. 

For transparency, here are your membership fees (in USD): 

  • Country Station Fee: $2,250 Per HQ (Annual)
  • Branch Fee: $900 per branch
  • Security Fee: $600 per legal entity (Annual)
  • Bank Charge: $25 per transaction
  • One-time Application Fee: $200

Are you ready to experience the transformative benefits of joining a food and perishables freight forwarding business network? If yes, you’re one step closer to becoming a member of Cold Chain Connect.

Learn more about the Network and submit your membership application today. 

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