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Northstar Forwarders Alliance: Empowering Agents to Reach New Heights

Sea freight is the most important mode of international trade transport—over 90% of global trade moves via shipping containers on sea freighters. 

You need good business footing and relationships worldwide to succeed in this busy market. That’s why Northstar Forwarders Alliance, the first network of FCL forwarders in the world, was formed. 

What is the Northstar Forwarders Alliance?

The Northstar Forwarders Alliance is a worldwide network of over 150 sFCL sea freight forwarders. The network excels at profiling agents with shipping line contracts so forwarders like you get the most secure, competitive deals and rates (compared to those without shipping line contracts).

Member companies get access to resources to help maintain and grow their global sea freight business, including business resources, networking opportunities, and promotional opportunities. 

Who is the Northstar Forwarders Alliance for?

This network is for member companies that do sea freight forwarding and specialize in full container load shipments. It’s for companies who want to grow their business with the proper support and trusted connections. 

What are the benefits of joining a Shipping freight forwarding network?

There are many business networking opportunities, but you’ll get the most benefit by joining one that understands your type of business. Here are a few benefits of joining the Northstar Forwarders Alliance: 

  • Grow your global connections: You can meet related companies from around the globe to do business with or receive referrals. 
  • Service contracts with multiple shipping lines: This network is an industry leader in connecting forwarders with shipping line contracts. This helps ensure you get more competitive deals and rates worldwide. 
  • Trusted membership: Before joining, every member must pass a screening process that includes looking at your specialization, financial stability, reputation, and sales strength. Once approved, all members must operate under the network’s standard code of ethics. 
  • Security: Every network member is vetted to ensure honesty and trustworthiness. To be sure, the network provides payment security, so if a payment is delayed or not settled, the network will make every effort possible to get you fairly paid. 
  • Global branding and awareness: Member companies get access to the network’s worldwide community, including adding your business to our Network Agency List to leading logistics events and exhibitions and including your company logo in marketing collateral, including newsletters, brochures, and websites. 

Shipping FAQs

How many members do you accept?

Members are carefully chosen to ensure no market oversaturation, so we limited members to a few per geographic region (based on the economic size of the region). 

Can I belong to other business networking groups?

Yes, we encourage you to join other business or personal development networking groups that benefit your business or personal growth goals. 

Are there in-person annual conferences or events?

Yes. The network hosts several in-person events, including an annual conference. The 2024 event will occur in September 2024 in Dubai. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Can my brand new business join?

We require that members have a proven track record of business growth and success before joining the Northstar Forwarders Alliance. As such, new businesses don’t qualify for membership.   

How to join the Northstar Forwarders Alliance

Are you interested in joining the Northstar Forwarders Alliance? You can submit your application online anytime if you meet the member criteria. 

For transparency, here are your membership fees (in USD): 

  • Country Station Fee: $2,250 Per HQ (Annual)
  • Branch Fee: $900 Per Branch (Annual)
  • Security Fee: $600 Per Legal Entity (Annual)
  • Bank Charge: $25 Per Transaction
  • One-Time Application Fee: $200

The Northstar Forwarders Alliance always seeks new members to join our group. It’s one of the best ways to get the knowledge and trusted connections you need to enjoy global branding opportunities and international expo exposure, gain invaluable partnerships with industry giants, get payment security, and much more.

Join the Northstar Forwarders Alliance today. 

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