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RW Solutions Ltd Takes a Strategic Step with X2 Logistics Network and G7N Logistics Network Acquisitions

Bangkok, November 8 – A new era begins for the X2 Logistics Networks (X2) and G7N Logistics Network (G7N) with its acquisition by Nils Walle and Christian Raeuber, co-founders of RW Solutions and Melvin Xavier, Director and Co-founder of Cold Chain Connect, that was announced in Bangkok on November 8, 2023. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in the logistics industry, as it combines the expertise of these industry leaders while maintaining the distinct identity and unique characteristics of X2 and G7N.

Under this new leadership, X2 and G7N will continue to operate independently, preserving its unique culture and approach that have been central to its success. The acquisition ensures that X2 and G7N will maintain its distinctive attributes and community spirit, separate from RW Solutions.

Nils Walle, appointed as Co-Director & CEO, will be in charge of Event Management, Finance and Accounting. Christian Raeuber, in his role as Co-Director, will oversee Marketing and Human Resources. Melvin Xavier, also a Co-Director, will lead Membership Services and Sales.

“This acquisition is a commitment to the future of X2 and G7N as independent entities,” said Nils Walle. Christian Raeuber added, “Our goal is to build on X2 and G7N’s strong foundation.” Melvin Xavier stated, “I am excited to deepen our engagement with members.”

About X2 Logistics Network

The X2 Logistics Network is a global network of independent freight forwarders known for its unique community ethos and commitment to quality service. Under new leadership, X2 is poised to continue its tradition of excellence, while exploring new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

About G7N Logistics Network

G7N Logistics Network is a network of independent freight forwarders from around the globe. Established 7 years ago, its core mission is to empower freight forwarders worldwide to enhance their business’s financial and operational performance. 

About RW Solutions

RW Solutions, with its 1200 members, is a leader in the global logistics industry. Known for its innovative solutions and customer-focused services, RW Solutions has established itself as a key player in the logistics domain.

The Combined Strength of RW Group

The union of RW Solutions and X2 and G7N, bringing together 1200 and 1000 freight forwarding members respectively, positions the RW Group as one of the leading freight networking companies in the world. This amalgamation represents not only a significant expansion in global reach and capabilities but also a unified vision to drive innovation and excellence in the logistics industry.

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