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The Benefits of Global Networking for Freight Forwarders

Are you networking globally yet? As an owner or operator of a freight forwarding company, you should be active in the global networking scene within your industry, as it has valuable benefits for your business. Even other valued team members should be networking to support your business and their professional development. 

In this article, we’ll share the benefits of global networking for freight forwarders and introduce you to eight networks looking for new members. 

Become a global presence

You can compete better globally when you are a global networker. You’ll meet collaborators and partners from around the globe who can help you grow your business into new markets or specialties. 

Even if you’re not ready for expansion yet, networking now is essential to building these international relationships. Then, when you’re ready or need to partner with a specific type of business or someone in one particular region, you know exactly who to call. And, these won’t be cold calls either, as you’ve already created a relationship with them, and they’ll be eager to do business with you because they already know you, and vice versa.  

Business development opportunities

When you become a global networker in the logistics space, you get access to new business development opportunities as a member of these business associations and networking groups. They may offer regular business workshops or training on current trends, marketing, sales, or even finance. 

When you join a global networking group, look for what educational or business development opportunities might be available through the association or its members. 

Carrie Yang of Air International Freight Co is a member of the Combined Logistics Network (CLN) and says that CLN “is like a big family and is a beneficial network for the members to develop their businesses.”

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Global freight forwarders mingling at our recent Combined Logistics Network Annual Partnership Meeting in Phnom Penh (2023)

Attend networking events

Business networking isn’t always about looking for partners, customers, and clients. It’s a social occasion where you get “out of the office” and meet other people with similar interests. You’ll get the opportunity to chat with others in the industry to learn about their unique perspectives on the current and future state of the industry. You can share perspectives and stories. 

Many freight forwarding and logistics networks have online and in-person networking events and conferences where you can meet new people and get social. 

Sanjay Berry of Reliance Freight systems loves how RWSolutions business networks are “friendly with close-knit members.” 

Opens possibilities for strategic partnerships

Business expansion, especially in the logistics industry, is about whom you know and partner with. When you join logistics networking groups, you’ll be introduced to members from around the globe who may have a service you need. Similarly, You may offer something that they need. 

Instead of relying on referrals from others or your own internet research, global networking opens more possibilities for strategic partnerships because you get to meet them first before you do business together. Having this more personal relationship with a potential partner is an excellent ice-breaker to one day doing business together or developing a mutually beneficial strategic partnership. 

Expand into new markets

Global networking can also be a precursor to your expansion into new markets. It allows you to scope out a new market segment to see if it requires your services or is already saturated with competition. Once you learn which markets you want to expand into, you can use your networking connections to forge the partnerships you need to make it a reality. 

If you’re a regular logistics networker, you’ll know exactly who to talk to when you’re ready for expansion. 

Where to join a freight forwarders networking association

Business networks within RWSolutions open up global networking opportunities for you and your business. Through online and in-person networking opportunities, you’ll have the chance to meet ecosystem partners and collaborators from around the world. Together you can build freight forwarding networks that expand across the globe. 

Learn more about the RWSolutions networks:

Our networks value access to a global (or regional) community. There are many benefits of joining our networks, including the following:

  • Global network coverage
  • International promotional opportunities
  • Trusted members
  • Payment security
  • Extensive networking opportunities
  • Resource centre to stay informed on all industry events and news. 

Discover how to become a member of a global freight forwarding network today. 

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