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The Power of Connections: How Neptune Cargo Network Connects Sea Freight Professionals Worldwide

Finding the right business partners can be a challenge for companies who work globally. However, NVOCC and LCL cargo freight companies can join the Neptune Cargo Network to get the support and connections they need to run a successful global business. 

What is the Neptune Cargo Network

The Neptune Cargo Network is the first and largest global appliance of NVOCC and LCL sea freight professionals, focused on connecting consolidators on a non-exclusive networking platform.

The network comprises of 2 groups: 

  • Neptune Consol: a networking group for neutral seafreight shipping forwarders in wholesale.
  • Neptune Forwarding: a networking group for global LCL seafreight forwarders in retail serving direct clients.

The Neptune network fills a huge gap in business networking: connecting seafreight-specific professionals willing and motivated to develop more business worldwide. Today, there are over 215 member professionals. 

Who is Neptune Cargo Network for?

The network is currently accepting members from the following niches:

  • Neutral NVOCCs
  • Sea Freight Professionals
  • Direct Freight Consolidators
  • Forwarding companies with interest in developing LCL Cargo
  • Regional LCL Transshipment Forwarders
  • Bonded De-Consolidation Warehouse and Distribution Providers
  • Shipping Lines LCL Departments with Insufficient Network Coverage

What are the benefits of joining a freight forwarding network?

There are numerous benefits of joining such a niche business networking group like Neptune:

  1. Increased market reach: Meet trusted members from across the globe
  2. Optimize costs: Harness the power of the network’s membership to get more competitive prices. 
  3. Network within your niche: Network with other companies who get the unique challenges of seafreight forwarding. 
  4. Mitigate risk with multi-path logistics: Set up multiple-path logistics to mitigate shipping delays. 
  5. Access better technology: Access reliable software and systems to help you track inventory and provide data analytics to optimize your operations. 
  6. Gain competitive advantage: Within a network, you become part of a “bigger fish” rather than trying to bid and operate as an individual player in the market. 

Why join Neptune Cargo Network?

In addition to the general benefits of networking within the seafreight industry, joining Neptune awards you many additional benefits: 

  • Distribution of Agency List Worldwide: Your name will join over 215 others in our publicly available member database. This helps you grow your global reach. 
  • Immediate global coverage: Join over 215 professionals worldwide and instantly add them to your network of contacts. 
  • Network only with reliable, trusted, and screened members: All member companies undergo a screening process to confirm their financial strength, length of operation, reputation in the market, and sales strength. All must also adhere to the networks’ standard Code of Ethics and Guidelines. 
  • Get payment security within the network: Get paid on time with the Neptune-Safe program. Get up to US $5,000 in immediate payment security, with up to $10,000 after three years in the network. 
  • Network face-to-face: Build trust with members through various in-person and virtual events. 
  • Resource centre access: Members get access to a private resource library of news and resources to help you grow and scale your business. 
  • Access to members-only app: The Neptune mobile app provides exclusive and up-to-date information among the members. 

FAQs about the Neptune Cargo Network

How many members do you accept?

We accept a limited number of members per territory based on the geographical or economic size of the region. Most territories accept 5-10 members per country. 

Can I belong to other networking groups, too?

Yes, You’re welcome to join other networking groups as you see fit. 

Are there annual conferences or events?

The network hosts events and gatherings year-round, culminating in the annual conference. This conference usually happens in Asia. 

Can I join both Neptune networks?

When you apply for Neptune Cargo Network, you will be placed in the network most appropriate for your business operations. If you serve forwarders, you’ll join Neptune Consol. If you serve direct clients, you’ll join Neptune Forwarding. 

How to join Neptune

You can submit your application online if you think the Neptune Cargo Network is for you. 

For transparency, here are your membership fees (in USD): 

  • Country Station Fee: $2,250 Per HQ (Annual)
  • Branch Fee: $900 Per Branch (Annual)
  • Security Fee: $600 Per Legal Entity (Annual)
  • Bank Charge: $25 Per Transaction
  • One-Time Application Fee: $200

We’re looking for new members to join the Neptune Cargo Network and take advantage of all these fantastic opportunities and benefits. Together, we can create a reliable and connected global network of seafreight forwarders.

Join us today! 

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