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The RW Solutions’ Guide to Choosing the Right Freight Forwarding Network for Your Business

Have you noticed a gap in global freight forwarding? To fill that gap, freight forwarders globally join freight forwarding networks to help scale their businesses. 

You can join one too. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of these networks, how to pick the right one, and get a list of freight forwarding networks accepting new members now. 

Benefits of joining a freight forwarding network

Joining a freight forwarding network is about networking with others who understand the struggles of global shipping and logistics. In addition to the social and networking benefits, joining many networks comes with additional perks that can help you scale a successful business. 

For RW networks, these include:

  • Global network coverage – Members are from all over the globe.
  • International promotion – Get immediate exposure to the freight forwarding community through events and targeted marketing efforts.
  • Trusted members – These networks only accept a limited number of members per territory, and each is well-vetted to ensure reliability among the network.
  • Payment security – Payments can be made through an advanced monitoring system.
  • Networking opportunities – Get invited to virtual and in-person events and conferences with other members.
  • Resource centre – Get first access to industry news and resources. 

How to pick the right network

There are many networks to choose from. Here are some tips on choosing the best one for you:

  1. Choose based on region: You can join a network in a region you currently (or want to) do business in. For example, the soon-to-launch LATAM Forwarders Club is for companies interested in Latin America, and the soon-to-launch Emerge Freight Alliance is for those in Africa and the Middle East. 
  2. Choose based on your shipping specialty: You can join a network of other freight forwarders who specialize in the same category of cargo as you. For example, the Cold Chain Connect attracts those who specialize in perishables and food logistics, and the Life Logistics network is for those who specialize in pharmaceutical product shipping. 
  3. Choose based on logistics specialty: If your freight forwarding company specializes in particular modes of transportation, you can join a network of like-minded companies. For example, the Northstar Forwarders Alliance connects full-container-load forwarders, and the Global Aircargo Alliance connects airfreight forwarders worldwide.

RW Solutions networks accepting new members

RW Solutions manages eight freight forwarding networks with over 1000 independent freight forwarders from 100+ countries. Learn about each network below:

Combined Logistics Networks (CLN)

Membership: 320+ 

Countries represented: 75 

Established in 2002, the Combined Logistics Network (CLN) is one of the most dynamic independent freight forwarders partnerships, specializing in global cargo solutions and boundless logistics services. It is one of the most established and dynamic freight forwarding networks in the world that is 18 years in operation. You can join CLN, even if you’re also a member of another freight forwarding network. 

Neptune Cargo Network

Membership: 215+

Countries represented: 65 

The first and largest global NVOCC and LCL cargo alliance, Neptune is at the forefront of connecting sea freight professionals, focused on connecting consolidators on a non-exclusive networking platform.  The Neptune networks only accept members in business more than 3 years. 

Global Aircargo Alliance

Membership: 160+

Countries represented: 60+ 

The Global Aircargo Alliance (GAA) is an exclusive network of active airfreight forwarders and the first to profile companies with air to air transshipment capabilities worldwide to allow members to create new routes.

Northstar Forwarders Alliance

Membership: 60+

Countries represented: 30+ 

Northstar is the Global FCL Forwarders Alliance, connecting quality and specialized full container load forwarders from all around the world. Northstar leads in profiling agents with shipping line contracts to ensure competitive deals and rates.

Life Logistics

Membership: 60+ 

Countries represented: 35+ 

Established to unite first-class pharmaceutical forwarders under one global network, the Life Logistics network connects the best pharma goods logistics specialists onto one global platform.

Cold Chain Connect

Membership: 80+

Countries represented: 45+ 

Cold Chain Connect is the world’s first and largest network for forwarders that specialize in perishables and food logistics.

Emerge Freight Alliance

Launching 2023

Launching in 2023, Emerge is a freight alliance that unites specialized forwarders with a shared interest in Africa and the Middle East.

LATAM Forwarders Club

Launching 2023

Launching in 2023, the LATAM Forwarders Club is our newest global network connecting freight forwarders from all over the world with regional interests in Latin America.

Want more information about RW Solutions international freight forwarding networks?

RW Solutions believes it can bring the world closer together through a global network of independent freight forwarders. They’ve been connecting freight forwarding companies globally since 2002. With over 1000 member offices, you can find partners from every corner of the globe. 

Learn more about all the RW Solutions freight forwarding networks and apply today.

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