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G7N Logistics: Boosting Financial and Operational Performance

Ready to learn the secret of successful freight forwarding businesses? They join a global, niche networking group built on safety and trust. The G7N Logistics Networks was created to support the development of new standards within the logistics industry, specifically in the freight forwarding segment of global supply chains. 

Keep reading this article to learn all about this exciting business network and how it can help you improve your financial and operational performance within the freight forwarding industry. 

What are the G7N Logistics Networks?

In a global market dominated by multinationals, the G7N Logistics Networks connect like-minded independent freight forwarders to help them better compete globally. Member companies benefit from new relationships built with related businesses, personal and professional development opportunities, and increased business opportunities. 

Within the network, you network with business owners in a collaborative, friendly, and safe environment, working together to enhance the standards within the freight forwarding world. 

G7N Logistics networks have over 256 members across 107 operating countries. These memes have a commanding local presence and a proven track record in cargo operations. All members are screened to ensure their service quality, compliance, and financial status are positive. 

Who is the Network for?

These networks are for freight forwarding companies and individuals who value personal and professional development with their industry peers. This network is about collaboration, not competition, and members work together to increase the global profile of the logistics industry and support each other.

The ultimate goal is to help members grow their business. 

What are the benefits of joining this professional freight forwarding network?

There are many benefits to joining this niche-member networking group. The core benefits include:

  • Trusted and Professional Global Partners
  • Financial Protection System
  • Limited Membership per Market
  • Professional Business Development Assistance
  • Access a Network of Reliable and Ethical Forwarders
  • Professional and Engaged Network Management Team 
  • G7N Annual Conference – Personally Meet Fellow Network Members
  • Quote System Exclusive to Members
  • Improve Quality of Existing Agent Network and Customer Service
  • Targeted Market Expansion and Regional Growth
  • Valuable Strategic Partnerships
  • Free PR Desk and Marketing Services

Members also get access to other services, including the G7N Cargo Cover. It’s the network’s all-risk insurance designed to cover nearly any type of cargo. It covers standard commodities against accidents or mishandling incidents. 

Network members also get access to G7N Pay, an easy-to-use financial transaction system that eliminates needless fees. You could save thousands of dollars, euros, and pounds in banking fees. 

You also get access to a group of trusted G7N third-party vendors. These vetted companies are available to members, often with special packages or pricing options. 


Have questions about the network. Here are our top most frequently asked questions:

How many members do you accept?

The G7N network does not have prespecified member limits. However, we do have semi-exclusivity, so representation in some regions may be limited to avoid oversaturation or over-competition in that region. 

Can I belong to other business networking groups?

Yes, you may. We recognize that G7N networks are niche communities, and you may have networking and personal development needs outside this industry. Feel free to join other professional associations and networking groups to help you further your professional development or business networking. 

Are there in-person annual conferences or events?

Yes. In-person events are a great way to get to know fellow network members. We host the annual G7N Conference (our last conference was in Phuket, Thailand, and the 2025 event will be in Bangkok). Cargo Weekend is also a popular in-person conference. It includes professional and social activities and events you can enjoy over a quick weekend between other major networking industry events. 

I just launched a business. Can I join a G7N Network? 

To ensure the highest standards, every potential G7N Network company or individual undergoes a thorough screening process. Most new businesses have yet to develop the proven track records and financial stability to become members. 

How can I stay on top of industry trends?

For the latest industry information and events, read our  Network News publication, available online to members and non-members. 

Joining a G7N Logistics Network 

Are you seeking professional growth, stimulating member activities, dependable support from a dedicated network management team, and safeguarded business prospects? If so, a G7N Logistics Networks membership could be your ideal solution. 

Apply online, and we’ll contact you to begin your vetting process. 

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