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Why join a global shipping network?

Do you know how to grow your shipping and logistics business, make your customers happier and more loyal, and scale your business easily? Join a global shipping network. 

Joining a global shipping network may be one of your most beneficial and important business decisions. The benefits will poise your company for international expansion, business growth, and success. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top reasons to join a global shipping network: 

What is a global shipping network?

A global shipping network is the process and procedures involved in shipping goods around the world. A strong network includes global shipping routes, shipping services, ports of entry (including airports and ocean ports), warehouses, and logistics companies. When you’re part of a global shipping network, you benefit from the connections and options should roadblocks affect your shipping logistics plans. 

What roadblocks exist in logistics and shipping?

As you know, shipping and logistics is a detailed and complicated process. If you have a single-path shipping process, if one part of that path breaks down, you risk slowed shipments and angry customers. Here are four common roadblocks that occur in shipping: 

  • Port Closures: Ports close for various reasons. These include natural disasters, security concerns, staff strikes, or back-ups in the logistics chain.
  • Staff Strikes: Port workers who have unionized may go on strike and stop providing port services. If this occurs, containers may get backed up on ships, trucks, and in container yards, as there is no one to move them to the next step in the shipping chain.
  • Back-ups: Busy ports and shipping centres can get busy and backed up. Container back-ups can cause unexpected delays in your shipments.
  • Port Controls: Paperwork and documentation can also delay shipments. If there are any issues with your documentation or its processing, your shipment can experience indefinite delays until resolved. 

7 reasons a global shipping network is good for your logistics business

If you own a business in shipping and logistics, becoming part of a global shipping network is good for business. Here are the top 7 reasons it will help your business provide better customer service and scale globally:

1. Increased market reach

If you are responsible for shipping goods worldwide, a network of pre-vetted partners and logistics routes can help you increase your market reach. You could create your own network and partners from scratch, but that takes time, and there are likely already established and proven logistics networks that you can tap into to your (and the network partners’) advantage. 

2. Optimize costs

As global costs are rising for everything from raw goods to fuel for planes and boats, you must be mindful of your business expenditures. Working with an extensive logistics network gives you better bidding power and, therefore, better rates for carriers (savings you could pass to customers for a competitive advantage or add to your revenue). It can affect your business profitability far faster than doing it alone. 

3. Network with specialized experts

Another great benefit of joining a global network is access to a wide range of specialties and expertise from partner companies. You can leverage these connections to better understand the requirements and nuances of entering new markets. Be sure to maintain networking connections in the group so you’ll always know who to contact when you have questions.

4. Provide better customer service

Joining a global shipping network can also correlate to increased customer service satisfaction. Your network will enable you to provide faster and cheaper services to your customers, who will “reward” you with more business, referrals, and higher customer satisfaction scores. 

5. Mitigate risks and roadblocks

The global market instability and the logistics roadblocks can significantly affect your business if you rely on a single-path logistics process. Joining a global network can help you mitigate any risks from roadblocks, such as shipping delays from worker strikes, natural disasters, and port controls. 

6. Access better technology

More extensive shipping and logistics networks can access more robust technology to manage the supply and shipping chains. Investing in this technology as a single business entity will likely be more than you can afford. A global shipping network can provide shipment tracking, inventory management, and even data analytics tools to help you further optimize your business. These technologies also make it easier to scale your business with lower costs. 

7. Gain an advantage over competitors

As part of a global shipping network, you are a “bigger fish” in the logistics industry. This elevated brand recognition gives you and your network partners better bargaining power to offer your customers cheaper rates. It can also help you expand your service options and offerings through member organizations. Your network can help you win more contracts to build up your client base of loyal, long-term clients looking for the comprehensive shipping and logistics solutions you offer. 

Interested to learn more about how to maintain these networks and connections? Read our blog to find out more.

Where to find a good global shipping network

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