You are currently viewing X2 Logistics Network: A 10-Year Legacy in International Business Management

X2 Logistics Network: A 10-Year Legacy in International Business Management

Would you like to optimize your financial and operational performance through global opportunities and better compete in your niche global markets? Then, you can join the X2 Logistics Network

In this article, we’ll introduce you to this business management network to help you decide if it’s the group that can help you with your professional development and company success.

What is the X2 Logistics Network?

The X2 Logistics Network was founded to create new standards within the logistics industry, with a focus on the freight forwarding sector of the supply chain. The network supports member clients throughout the world, empowering them to make a significant positive difference through their business. 

They focus on business solutions within network management, event management, and creative solutions, raising the networking standard through professionalism. The X2 Logistics network includes an alliance of hand-picked freight forwarders who meet certain standards and are encouraged to work together to grow their business and better serve their clients globally. 

Who is it for?

There are 11 brands under the X2 Logistics company:

  • X2 Logistics Networks: Independent freight forwarders who are experts in their niche 
  • X2 Elite: Independent freight forwarders with a strong group dynamic to support growing each other’s businesses 
  • X2 Projects: Independent freight forwarding companies
  • X2 Critical: Independent time-sensitive and time-critical logistics and freight experts
  • X2 Cold Chain: for freight forwarders specializing in temperature-sensitive shipments.
  • X2 Asia Global: freight forwarders with a focus on Asian markets 
  • X2 Movers: Independent moving and relocation professionals
  • X2 Consolidators: professional freight consolidators globally
  • G7N Logistics Network: the next generation of logistic professionals and the future of smart and independent freight forwarders
  • G7N Projects Network: a premium network of professional cargo freight forwarders and logistics companies. 
  • G7N Critical Network: for companies providing special handling, time-critical shipments and service

Other service-focused brands under the company include: 

  • One Monocle:  Group for networking, event management, and team building. 
  • X2 Global Media: A full-service creative solutions agency for clients
  • Cargo Weekend: An event for personal and professional development, business networking, and excellent entertainment. 
  • Stitch & Dandy: Professional clothing brand
  • Cargo Convention: an open networking event for freight forwarders. 

What are the benefits of joining a professional freight forwarding network?

Joining a professional freight forwarding network under the X2 brand is an excellent opportunity to network with others in the industry. They understand the unique challenges of this market, and you can work together to solve them or forge business partnerships.  

Membership in a freight forwarding network has excellent benefits, including the ability to expand into new territories and niches. Member companies grow together and succeed in their respective logistics niches.

Joining an X2 Logistics network gives you a host of benefits: 

  • Immediate global network coverage:  Network with reputable logistics companies worldwide. You’ll get to know them personally and professionally, potentially uncovering future business partners and advocates. 
  • Trusted, semi-exclusive membership: All X2 Networks members are individually vetted to ensure they meet the quality and professionalism standards demanded by each network. In some cases, membership may be limited in certain regions or niches to avoid over-competition and oversaturation of the market within the network. 
  • Meet others at in-person events:  As a member, you can attend various online and in-person networking events and conferences. These professional development events are great for meeting your colleagues face-to-face for personal networking and industry discussions. 
  • Access other professional services: Through the X2 brand, you can learn about other business and professional development turn-key solutions, including business network management, event management, creative services, advisory services, team building, and Public Relations services. 


How many members do you accept?

The network doesn’t limit how many members can join as long as they meet the requirements. Some networks may limit the number of companies in a niche or region to avoid oversaturation and over-competition in an area. 

Can I belong to other business networking groups?

Yes. You can join any other professional associations and networking groups that will help you further your professional development or business networking. 

Are there in-person annual conferences or events?

Yes. As a networking group and events coordination company, the X2 brand holds many in-person conferences and events, including Cargo Weekend and Cargo Convention.

Can my brand new business join?

In most cases, these networks require experienced companies. You Likely not. To ensure the members get the most value from Cold Chain Connect membership, we ask that members prove their professionalism and reliability. Most new businesses don’t meet these requirements, so we ask that they wait before applying. 

Joining an X2 Logistics Network 

You can contact the network you’re interested in directly or use this contact form to submit your interest.  

Are you ready to experience a personal and professional development boost by joining a niche-specific networking group? If yes, you’re one step closer to becoming a valued member of an X2 Logistics Network. 

Learn more about the X2 Group Logistics business networks today. 

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